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  • PTS Fiber Symposium

    PTS Fiber Symposium

    Tue, 28.11.2017 - Wed, 29.11.2017 Chemie

    The symposium of PTS covers the processing and use of fibers in different value chains. On these days, developers, engineers and companies present their latest innovations in innovative technologies for the production of innovative paper products and fiber composite materials.
  • Biocomposites Conference Cologne

    Biocomposites Conference Cologne

    Wed, 06.12.2017 - Thu, 07.12.2017 Chemie

    The Biocomposites Conference Cologne is the largest conference in Europe on bio-based composite materials. More than 250 participants and 30 exhibitors mainly from industries are expected. The conference focuses on market opportunities for biocomposites in high-tech applications, automotive and consumer goods.

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