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Ideas from nature

Taking responsibility for the future

With our natural animal hygiene products, you can reach the ideal combination of goals in terms of ecology, sustainability and responsible management. You can count on our renewable and biodegradable plant-based raw materials and on the sustainable cost-benefit ratio they offer, and take the opportunity of securing our ecological heritage. 

JRS – sustainable and exclusive

Green means Go

Take up a position that is environmentally aware, responsible and value-oriented. We can extend your portfolio with the addition of highly functional and sustainable products and applications which set clear benchmarks in terms of technical performance and value retention. Stay one step ahead with our green minded care!

Your technology and system partner

For your success

JRS has its own research and development facilities, ensuring that it can deliver innovative, clearly differentiated new products – always one step ahead! Global sales and logistics structures and a comprehensive one-stop-shopping concept mean that JRS is your strategic market partner for global markets, also in the future.

Production Sites

7 Specialized
Production Sites
for Pet Care in Europe


 JRS Organic Fiber Technologies

Sophisticated JRS Organic Fiber Technologies for Outstanding Properties and Added Value

 JRS Organic Fiber Technologies

Unique Technology

Worldwide Unique Technology and Application Knowledge

Unique Technology


Enhanced JRS


Solution Provider

Solution Provider

Full Service

Contract Manufacturing


Powerful Network Partner

Powerful Network Partner

High-Capacity Partner 
for Mass Production


System Partner

System Partner
– worldwide

International Logistics 

Raw Material Management Services, QS, R+D

System Partner

Proven Market Partner
with Knowhow and Experience in International Successful Pet Care Business


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