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At JRS, "PARTNERSHIP" is written in capitals


JRS cellulose fibers -

the allround geniuses and problem solvers for use in practically any area of industry and technology. With these fibers, JRS offers solutions for many application areas in chemistry and process technology.

The fiber specialists on the JRS Innovations Team advise and support customers in opening up new markets and developing and introducing new products or applications.
Our service includes: 

  • Brainstorming
  • Development of new solutions
  • Problem analysis
  • Modifications
  • Application optimization
  • Product optimization
  • Processing optimization
  • Search for substitution or exchange materials
  • Production optimization
  • Cost optimization


JRS Innovations Team

The JRS Innovations Team acts as an interface in all relevant areas for companies, organizes and manages possible outside R&D if needed, does testing or trial runs and implements mass production. JRS-owned labs and factories are especially intended for these applications.

Take advantage of the extensive JRS know-how in the many diverse application areas of JRS products and customer service.

The long-term experience gained is a convincing reason to utilize the advice and contributions of the JRS team from the very beginning for new development projects, new product or process modification projects.

JRS offers active support in technical and economical optimization!

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