'EPT' Enhanced JRS Process Technology


EPT ‘Enhanced JRS Process Technologies’

Unique Functionality and Product Results thanks to Unique, Innovative JRS Process Technologies

EPT Technologies

Enhanced JRS

Unique Functionality and Product Results thanks to Unique, Innovative JRS Process Technologies


Market edge through a Technological Lead


JRS - Special Milling Technologies:

Using over 135 years of experience and extensive technological Know-How, JRS develops its own optimized manufacturing processes that are implemented through in-house mechanical and plant engineering.

This is how we achieve our technological edge – which provides you with a competitive advantage!

JRS transfers functions which are grounded in vegetable raw materials into modern industrial applications.

All this is made possible by the 'EPT' ‚Enhanced JRS Process Technologies' – unique functionality and product results thanks to unique, innovative JRS special process technology.

For protection: JRS endeavours to keep these proprietary milling and plant technologies confidential for competition protection. This also helps us to provide you with your competitive edge.  

In the product finishing/ contract services division, JRS makes the 'EPT' special milling technologies available to other industrial sectors and commodities.


JRS has already developed Specific, Innovative Application Solutions for many Products and Tasks.


Examples of JRS Special procedures:


Enhanced JRS
Powder &

Cutting, grinding, mixing and separation processes by use of the latest JRS milling Technology.

3D Merge Processing

Enhanced JRS
3D Processing

Compaction – PelletizingGranulation  

The enhanced JRS 3D process technology enables unique functional properties in the end products. Thanks to innovative, modified milling and plant technology, JRS provides you with technological edge in the competition.

FDT Derivate Technology

Enhanced JRS

Through quite a few specialized, gentle process steps, the JRS Engineering uncovers new functions and properties of plant materials, which leads to entirely new mission profiles.

FCT Composite Technology

Enhanced JRS
Functional Composite 

JRS brings worlds together: through the enhanced JRS Functional Composite Technology, innovative synergy products with exceptional functionality and new features being developed.

ECT Colloidal Technology

Enhanced JRS

Colloidal systems bring special functions and properties into many application fields. JRS has acquired an innovative edge through independent process development, which leads to an appreciable competitive advantage in many customer projects.

The Result

Improved Performance,

Improved Products,

Improved Market Opportunities !


Play it safe, play it by numbers:

Trust the market leader and technological forerunner !

JRS Innovative Funktionen
JRS Innovative Funktionen
JRS Innovative Funktionen
JRS Innovative Funktionen

Unique Know-How- and Technology-Combination  

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