Best Oak

The professional difference.

Der fachmännische Unterschied

For many centuries, viticulture experts around the world have used the potency of oak to finish their best quality wines. 

Here in Rosenberg, Germany, we at J. Rettenmaier & Söhne - specialists in the use of vegetable fibre raw materials - have looked for ways of using valuable oak woods thorough detailed analysis and development work. 

The result: the BEST OAK® premium product series. More than just wood chips!


Unique and precious.

Einzigartig und edel

Our standards are in the highest class. 

With our premium products, selected primarily from native oak forests matured in healthy, well-tended environments, we create the conditions for unique development. 

Innovative, conservative production techniques set new standards. 

That's why we see our BEST OAK® product line well ahead of anonymous mass-market products. 

Exactly that makes BEST OAK® distinctive and valuable. 

JRS quality - designed by Nature.


Innovation in perfection.

Innovation in Perfektion

We bring movement in the market: new approaches in manufacturing processes, innovations in formulation, packaging or entirely new product ideas beyond traditional wood chips - fresh ideas from JRS succeed in ensuring progress and customer value. 

To all of this, we bring our perfection-oriented quality standard - Made in Germany. With the highest level of perfection practiced for over 130 years in our owner-managed group of companies. 

In this way, we ensure pole position for our customers in the continuous competition for the leading places in technology, quality, creativity and profitability.   

Effective innovations: For example, 
BEST OAK® Instant,
BEST OAK® Easy Barriqe,
BEST OAK® Infusion Bags, 
BEST OAK® Aroma-Safe concept


Diversity for top results.

Vielfalt für Spitzenergebnisse

As a winemaker, you individually formulate your top creations, making optimal use of all the resources of nature, your creativity, your intuition, your experience and your craftsmanship that are available. 

With the BEST OAK® product range  we give you a unique

tool for success in your work.

Crown your creations through precisely the right choice of finishing constituents. Be uncompromising! 

The BEST OAK® range, with its many-sided qualities and forms, offers you the best choice. 

We'll be happy to advise you.


Properly protect something precious.

Wertvolles effektiv schützen

We're not content in simply offering premium quality from optimum production processes and sophisticated quality assurance system.

With our BEST OAK® Aroma Safe concept, our objective is to protect the precious product characteristics and to seal them in until they arrive in the barrel or tank.

That's why we've thought out completely new ideas on effective aroma protection for packaging of all sizes.

Test it yourself and experience the difference!


Weltweit verlässlich – aus Tradition

Weltweit verlässlich – aus Tradition

Reliability, safety and worldwide presence determine our daily business. Always focused on climate protection and continual environmental awareness. 

For more than 130 years the JRS group, with around 1,200 dedicated and skilled employees, has stood for perfection in detail, innovation and first class service & all over the world. 

Our local sales and partner networks provide on-the-spot advice, communications and logistics in all wine-growing regions of the world. To this, they offer the broad range of experience that international cooperation brings. 

In JRS you have a strong, reliable partner. The Rettenmaier family vouch for it. 

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Verführung aus Leidenschaft

Verführung aus Leidenschaft

Passionately seduced by nature's talents: the BEST OAK® product range helps you realise your individual creations in inimitable ways. 

In doing so, you're relying on first class, proven natural raw material. From controlled, sustainable local forestry and certified European special cultivation. 

Draw from nature's rich reservoir; get your inspiration from the wealth of natural resources with their characteristics unmatched in versatility. An experience for all the senses. 

Don't accept anything less.


All rights reserved © 2019 J. RETTENMAIER & SÖHNE GmbH + Co KG


All rights reserved © 2019 J. RETTENMAIER & SÖHNE GmbH + Co KG

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