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Organic filter aids

Alternatives to diatomaceous earth and perlite


We find clear solutions...


Organic filter aids from JRS are efficient and economical alternatives to diatomaceous earth and perlite offering the user a variety of technical and cost-saving advantages.

In addition to their excellent separating action, organic filter aids are especially economical, can be disposed of in an environmentally-friendly manner, and are harmless to workers, reliable and highly effective.

As the only complete supplier for organic filter aids worldwide , JRS deals with practically all liquid filtration application areas in the following sectors...


  • Chemical and pharmaceutical industry

  • Food Industry

  • Beverages,  fruit juices and liquors

  • Metal-processing industry

  • Waste water technology and sludge treatment

Organic filter aids - the high performance and economical alternatives to diatomaceous earth and perlite

"Filtration" is, in many production processes,a quality and cost-determining processing step.

For this reason, in addition to plants and separation processes, filter aids, in particular, are being continually improved in order to meet the growing demands of cost effectiveness, occupational health and safety and environmental compatibility.

Mineral products (such as diatomaceous earth and perlite) had the major market share for several years but are now being rapidly replaced by filter aids based on organic, renewable raw materials (cellulose or organic fibers).

Take advantage of our know-how

Ask us! And take advantage of our long years of experience and competence as filter experts! We will be happy to help you and offer active support in the process-technical and cost-effective optimisation of your filter processes.

A modern, well-equipped filter laboratory with pilot filters, test machinery and highly skilled personal is available for testing and trials. Through intensive research and development, new applications are continually being worked on and existing products and processes optimized.

We welcome your questions and requests. Our utmost goal is the quality of your products and your satisfaction.

We at JRS are your qualified and reliable partner for custom-made solutions and innovative filtration ideas.

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All rights reserved © 2019 J. RETTENMAIER & SÖHNE GmbH + Co KG

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