Searching for Alternatives to Microplastics?

Searching for Alternatives to Microplastics?

Do you want to replace PMMA (Polymethyl-methacrylate), PE-/PP-fibers or other fossil components?

Check out the JRS portfolio, we are your sustainable solution provider! Have a look at some of our alternatives which help to make our planet green again.
PMMA replacement

JRS already successfully replaced PMMA microbeads in cosmetics by offering all-natural cellulose spheres as alternative. In the building industry they are still widely used, for example as interleaving powder between glass sheets. JRS has several plant-derived alter-natives, like the above mentioned cellulose spheres. Granules from corn, cellulose, wood or nut shells powders are options as well.

PE-/PP-fibers replacement

Such fibers are commonly used in the building industry, for example in concrete applications. JRS offers many sustainable fibers as a possible alternative. Whether you want to go with fibers based on carrot pomace, wheat straw, cellulose from trees or some other sources, is up to you.

Arbocel C 350
Arbocel RC Fine
Synthetic Emulsifiers / Pickering Emulsion

You want to stabilize your emulsion without synthetic emulsifiers? JRS offers micronized fibers based on apple pomace to stabilize emulsions by the so-called Pickering effect. The stabilization of oil droplets in water by solid particles made from natural sources already won several prizes for sustainability!

Sustainable accelerator for Calcium Aluminate Cements

To reduce the CO2 footprint is one of the key targets these days. The production of cement is responsible for 8% of the worldwide CO2 emission. JRS products support the industry in several projects to reduce the influence of cement on the CO2 calculations of the final products. Our alginates are used for example as accelerator with calcium aluminate cements. So besides having a sustainable accelerator, this allows our customers to reduce the amount of cement used.

Vivapur Alginat
Bio-based Hydrocolloids

JRS is continuously expanding its portfolio of bio-based hydrocolloids. Whether you need a thermostable, thermoreversible or shear-reversible gelation, we have the sustainable thickener you are looking for. Our cellulose gels for example are truly multi-functional rheology additives which offer you excellent stabilizing properties, act as a thickener and still being thixotropic to allow sprayable applications.

These are just examples how JRS tackles the challenges of a microplastic free and CO2 neutral environment. We offer as well natural lubricant powders, sustainable disintegrants, excellent oil-binding fibers and many more.

Please contact us with your challenges. We are here to make the Green Deal come true together with you.

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