Dispersion-bound systems
/Pasty systems


The grades most commonly used in the bitumen sector are

  • ARBOCEL® BE 600/30 PU
  • ARBOCEL® B 00
  • ARBOCEL® BWW 40 and
  • ARBOCEL® B 400


Mixing instructions

The incorporation of ARBOCEL® fibers generally is not a problem. Normally, additional wetting agents are not required. It is advisable to submit ARBOCEL® in the aqueous phase.


Guidance Notes

In systems that contain ARBOCEL® it is important to note that not the apparent consistency at rest but the application consistency should be set.

Systems with ARBOCEL® act more viscous in complete tranquility.


ARBOCEL  Applications for ARBOCEL® in dispersion-bound systems / paste systems

  • Plasters
  • Joint filler for plasterboard
  • Dispersion tile adhesive
  • Dispersion filler / Dispersion joint sealants
  • Dispersion colors (mat, satin finish)


Where ARBOCEL® is used in the color range:

  • Silicate color
  • Lime cement color
  • Powdered color
  • Spreadable woodchip (LIGNOCEL®, wood fibers)

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All rights reserved © 2019 J. RETTENMAIER & SÖHNE GmbH + Co KG

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