What is ARBOCEL® ?

  • ARBOCEL® is a powdery to fibrous cellulose additive for use in construction chemical products.
  • ARBOCEL® are water-insoluble celluloses left  in their natural state (not comparable to water-soluble cellulose ethers).
3D Cellulose structure
REM photo
REM photo

Properties of ARBOCEL® Cellulose Fibers

  • From finest grades with a mean fiber length of 8 µm to the longest fiber grades with a mean fiber length of 2000 µm
  • In the long-fiber grades, curved fibers have a 'felting' effect. ARBOCEL® is a mixture of fibers with different length
  • ARBOCEL® Cellulose Fibers are also used as an asbestos substitute. Usually 20 - 50% of the weight of asbestos previously used is sufficient
  • Insoluble in water and organic solvents
  • Resistant to dilute acids and bases
  • Guide values for temperature exposure: 160°C for several days, 180°C for approx. 1 day, 200°C is the limit of thermal exposure

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