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JRS stands for the highest quality in production and service. Our contact partners are available anywhere in the world with their special application and functional know-how, and they are incorporated into our JRS network.

Make use of the many years of experience and competence of the fiber specialists from JRS. We would be happy to advise and offer you our active support in the process-based and economical optimization of your mixed material production with “VIATOP Das Pellet”. 

  • Use the JRS technology edge for your competitive edge 
  • System and technology partner of the industry 
  • Competent application consulting
  • Worldwide logistics support 
  • Support for questions about dosing and conveying systems 
  • Cooperation in R&D 

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You can get reprints for the following topics: 

  • Asphalt binder course according to the SMA concept from "Straße und Autobahn” 
  • Binders and the use properties of asphalt from "Straße und Autobahn” 
  • Dangerous country roads from “ADAC Motorwelt” 
  • Noise-based optimized surface course of stone mastic asphalt from “Asphalt” 
  • New findings for noise-reducing stone mastic asphalt from the trade magazine “Asphalt” 
  • New concept for more cost-effective rehabilitation of regional roads from  “Asphalt” 
  • How adhesive agents work from “news&info” 
  • Record-Breaking in Rio (6/2016)
  • Noise-Reduction Stone Mastic Asphalt Harmonizing tourism and transportation
  • Economic efficiency in regional and communal road construction
  • Heavy Duty Surfaces - The Arguments for SMA 
  • Effectivity and Performance of Rejuvenators

You could require the reprint with our contact form.

All rights reserved © 2020 J. RETTENMAIER & SÖHNE GmbH + Co KG


All rights reserved © 2020 J. RETTENMAIER & SÖHNE GmbH + Co KG

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