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Quality, taste and the optical features of smoked products essentially depend on the smoking agents used. The same is true for smooth system operation.

RÄUCHERGOLD® Smoking Chips offer best quality and smoking features.

There is a reason why RÄUCHERGOLD® products have been highly appreciated by smokehouses, butchers, meat and fish industries for its uniquely fine smoke taste.

The RÄUCHERGOLD® Smoking Chip program was developed in cooperation with the smoking system industry from practical concerns and for practice:

Therefore, all leading smoke system manufacturers recommend RÄUCHERGOLD® Smoking Chips to their customers for a perfect smoking result and best, interference-free system operation


RÄUCHERGOLD® - the Successful Solution:

Higher cost efficiency

  • Shorter smoking times
  • Lower loss of weight in the end product
  • Optimized system operation

Optimized system operation

  • Shorter machine runtimes lead to a higher useful smoking system capacity
  • Longer intervals between system cleanings 
  • Decrease soot development
  • Less effort and costs for cleaning agents, personnel and water/sewage
  • Shorter system downtimes
  • Preserving system operation, lower repair expenses

Improved environmental values

  • Optimized smoking process for less emissions
  • Reduced energy demand
  • Less cleaning agents and water/sewage is required

Better endproduct quality

  • Tested quality with certified quality management for safety in the production chain

Decades of Market Experience Tell.
RÄUCHERGOLD® - the Successful Solution

Advantages Leading to Better End Products:

  • RÄUCHERGOLD® - reflects a constantly high quality.
  • RÄUCHERGOLD® is highly smoke active
  • RÄUCHERGOLD® gives your meat and sausages an appealing, appetising colour
  • With a moisture content of approx. 13 %, RÄUCHERGOLD® chips offer a truly excellent smouldering behaviour
  • RÄUCHERGOLD® is delivered highly dry, free of dust and in different grains. Quality is on a consistently high level, stable throughout the series
  • The goods are packed in practical PE bags suitable for long-term storage

You have a great selection of RÄUCHERGOLD® types and sorts with different specifications:

This enables you to control the smoking process in a differentiated fashion according to your individual requirements and ideas.

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All rights reserved © 2020 J. RETTENMAIER & SÖHNE GmbH + Co KG

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