Oil Binders Absorbent W

Absorbent W Products – ideal for clean up of oilbased liquids in the presence of water!


Competitive advantages of Absorbent W:

  • Absorbs liquids within fibers (vs. absorbing liquids on fibers exterior only) 
  • Absorbs immediately on contact, faster than polypropylene and clay 
  • Absorbs up to 2 – 3 times more volume than polypropylene absorbents 
  • Absorbs up to 7 times more volume than clay sorbents 
  • Absorbs all hydrocarbons while repelling water Floats, even when saturated, for easy retrieval 
  • Retains  the liquid absorbed; prevents leaching and draining of sorbed liquids
  • Anti-static

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All rights reserved    © 2018 J. RETTENMAIER & SÖHNE GmbH + Co KG

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