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VIVAPUR® FB Stabiliser Systems

VIVAPUR® FB is an optimized stabiliser system of pectin and alginate for fruit preparations, fruit fillings and jams. The combination of the two hydrocolloids creates a synergistic effect that secures high flexibility, heat stability, syneresis control and a soft texture for easier handling and excellent flavor release. 

Easy handling without compromising bake stability

Compared to pectin or alginate VIVAPUR® FB requires a lower gel strength in order to provide the necessary level of bake stability and shows significantly stronger thixotropic behavior. Fillings are easy to pump and will rebuild the structure after shear stress and keep the bake stability. Due to this characteristic behavior, fruit fillings made with VIVAPUR® FB can be filled into large containers at low temperatures without core burning, and with less flavor and texture loss. 

Alginate Diagramm

Formulation and process flexibility

Broad tolerance of pH, calcium content and soluble solids makes VIVAPUR® FB a particularly flexible asset in filling formulations and suitable for numerous fruit types. In addition to high solids formulations, VIVAPUR® FB stabiliser systems produce a top result with as little as 30 % solids. Fruit fillings with VIVAPUR® FB show good bake stability, even under process parameters where alginate and pectin alone will not work. This gives R&D a wider field of new possible products based on a single stabiliser system. 


VIVAPUR® FB 850 S1 is highly tolerant of variations in the calcium level. Excellent bake stability is obtained with various fruit types, despite variations in their natural calcium content.


Exemplary Formulation

Ingredients%% Soluble Solids
VIVAPUR® FB 850 S11.201.20
Sugar I2.402.40
Water I16.40-
Strawberry Puree, 7.5 % Soluble Solid31.882.39
Sugar II33.0033.00
Water II9.12-
Tricalcium Dicitrate Tetrahydrate0.130.13
Sugar III1.871.87
Water III4.00-
Citric Acid, Monohydrate, 50 % w/was necessary-

VIVAPUR® FB Stabiliser System

10 Good Reasons

  • Highly tolerant against process changes
  • High degree of pumpability and thixotropy for easy handling
  • Excellent recovery of texture after shearing
  • Provides excellent bake and form stability
  • High formulation flexibility
  • Excellent syneresis control
  • Enables filling over a broad temperature range
  • Improves freeze/thaw stability
  • Creates uniform fillings with an appealing, shiny appearance
  • Provides smooth texture with excellent flavor release


  1. Blend the VIVAPUR® FB with sugar I and disperse in hot water I (80° C).
  2. Mix strawberry puree, sugar II and water II and bring the mix to a boil.
  3. Add mixture 1 to mixture 2 and stir.
  4. Blend calcium citrate and sugar III. Add water III (80°) and stir.
  5. Add mixture 4 to mixture 3 and stir.
  6. Adjust the pH value with citric acid.
  7. Adjust the soluble solids content by cooking or adding water. 
  8. Cool to filling temperature and fill.


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Enjoy a fruit-packed bakery filling with VIVAPUR® FB Stabiliser-Systems - a solution from JRS's ingredient range, that overcome the problems typically associated with fillings. VIVAPUR® FB can also be used in non-fruit fillings - such as fillings based on cocoa powder.

Excellent bake stability and syneresis control and a shiny, bright appereance are guaranteed. 

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