Cat Litter Marketing Co-operation

Master`s Degree Students in Business Administration at Aalen University Breed Exciting Marketing Strategy Proposals for the CAT'S BEST Premium Organic cat Litter.

Rosenberg, July 2017

With CAT'S BEST premium organic cat litter, JRS, J. Rettenmaier & Söhne, Rosenberg succeeded in establishing the millionfold tested, Europe’s No. 1  cat litter made of plant fibers'. In particular, the excellent odor-binding properties of the JRS plant fiber technology make  CAT'S BEST organic cat litter the first choice for quality and performance-conscious cat fans who want to offer their animals a natural kind of hygiene in their home environment - without compromising on odors and cleanliness.
At the same time, the JRS animal hygiene business unit is already working on the strategic focus for tomorrow. Cross-channel marketing is the key to picking up the end-user  of the future and being  in the right place, at the right time. Whether it be in the specialist trade,  large food markets or on the Internet, the modern consumer expects the brand manufacturers to be present in all shopping channels - if it is important, round-the-clock if necessary.

The JRS sales and marketing professionals have joined the students of the business management program from Aalen University to a student project in the field of marketing. In a case study in strategic management, on the subject of "Market analysis and development of a growth cross-channel marketing strategy with a focus on online trading for the JRS Business Unit Animal Hygiene, product segment of cat litter", the Master's degree students led by Prof. Dr. Radtke collected data, conducted interviews, generated evaluations and developed creative ideas and suggestions for a future marketing and sales concept of the CAT'S BEST organic cat litter. On 27 June the final presentation of the results took place at the JRS head office in Rosenberg. 

With a great deal of motivation and enthusiasm, the students – in several groups - presented and discussed in a number of groups their elaborations and proposals, which had emerged on the basis of scientifically supported approaches over the last months. The JRS specialists were very impressed by the high level and the professionalism of the student conceptions. It was quickly agreed that many ideas and approaches of the students will find their way into the future CAT'S BEST marketing.

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