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Brochure Viatop® plus RC 

Reuse and recycling of asphalt is one of the hottest topics in the asphalt industry. High quality chippings, sand, fillers, additives and most important bitumen…all of them can be reused and turned into excellent pavements again. Sounds simple? It is made simple by using the right products. Especially when we take a closer look at the bitumen. The “enemies” of bitumen are oxygen, UV and of course traffic. So how can we reactivate or in technical terms rejuvenate bitumen which we get automatically with the incoming RAP? 

For many years the JRS Group has been active in almost all asphalt markets around the globe. From our experiences and monitoring we have already brought some functional solutions and innovations to the asphalt industry. The upgrade of aged bituminous binders was a real challenge for our R&D team. However, after years of trials we are proud to provide a solution to the industry
– the new VIATOP® plus RC with a REAL rejuvenator inside. 

VIATOP® plus RC is a compound made of cellulose fibers and a real rejuvenator which combines both economical and environmental benefits to meet the challenges of modern road construction. 

Some of the benefits at a glance: 

  • Real rejuvenation of aged binders 
  • Green product made of natural raw materials 
  • Non water-polluting 
  • Highly efficient 
  • Higher addition rate of RAP possible 
  • Solid pelletized product  
  • Use of dosage systems for fiber pellets 
  • No investment for additional tanks 

Other additives are liquid and work as softeners rather than as rejuvenators.  A separate dosing equipment is mandatory and most of the products are water-polluting. VIATOP® plus RC though is produced with the same pelletizing process like all our other products within our VIATOP® Das Pellet. range. Easy to handle, simple to dose, reliable and process safe plus the REAL rejuvenation of the aged binder. 

VIATOP® plus RC – the best way to a successful and high quality reuse of RAP.

Rejuvenator Prints:

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Product information:

Brochure Viatop® plus RC 


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