Sustainable Pet Care on growth course

Renaming to JRS PETCARE GmbH & Co. KG

Rosenberg, in March 2021

JRS is the technology and global market leader in the field of natural, functional plant fibres and additives - sustainably produced from renewable, vegetable raw materials. The innovative and unique JRS plant fibre technology is used in almost all areas of modern industry. Its versatile functions and properties are also successfully used in JRS pet care products.

JRS provides the proverbial "basis" for natural pet care: The perfect hygienic bedding for every type of animal and form of husbandry. Like Cat's Best, the world's N°1 cat litter made of odour-binding active wood fibres, or CHIPSI, the small animal range for rodents, birds and exotics; in addition to the JRS PetCare brands, JRS is also active as a private label system supplier for many big names in the trade - on a growth course in all segments.

In the course of an ambitious growth strategy, and in order to meet the increasing demands and needs of the market as a forward-looking B2C trading partner even better, the PetCare Unit of the JRS group of companies is reorganising as part of a consistent market orientation: the PetCare division will be transformed into an independent company with all rights and obligations as of 1st April 2021 - JRS Petcare GmbH & Co. KG.

Michael Bodfeld, Vice President Sales & Marketing JRS Petcare
Michael Bodfeld, Vice President Sales & Marketing JRS Petcare

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