Successful completion of training at JRS 2017

Completion of training 2017zoom

Successful completion of training at JRS 2017


Rosenberg,  July 2017

For JRS, J. Rettenmaier & Söhne, Rosenberg-Holzmühle, in-company training plays an important, central role in the challenging development of the JRS skilled labour force. JRS is thus setting the course for further development of JRS plant fiber technology, which has established itself as an important innovation element in almost all areas of modern industry. From the Holzmühle plant, JRS takes versatile product and application ideas into the real world. More than 2,500 employees are now deployed at over 60 locations around the globe.   

JRS is a major training company in the region. In addition to a wide range of classical technical and commercial careers, combined training and study models are now offered: for example the ‘Ellwanger Dual Degree' educational / business studies, which combines a commercial apprenticeship (IHK degree) with a business administration Bachelor degree study, running partially simultaneous. After the completion of training, the bachelor’s degree will be completed in parallel with working. In doing so, great emphasis is placed on the quality of the training. The success of the JRS training concept proves itself: the JRS trainees are always at the forefront of the final results. Anton Pfitzer and Judith Erhardt from the JRS HR team point out that career chances in JRS are built on a solid foundation. The next in-company training starts in September.

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