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Pet's Dream Paper Pure
Pet's Dream Classico

PET'S Dream ® Hygienic Litter

a product family of natural origin

Pet's Dream is a purely natural product,100% manufactured from renewable plant fibre raw materials without any artificial chemical additives. For the production of Pet's Dream we use only the finest plant fibres, which are obtained from untreated indigenous fir and spruce trees.

A continuous supply of these plant products is available. Their exploitation contributes to the maintenance of natural, healthy forests and promotes sustainability.

At the same time our plant fibre products form part of theenvironmentally friendly, natural and biological cycle - from the seedling right through to the decomposing biological waste product. Cat litter has antimicrobial effects. The result is less odour and improved hygienic standards .

Pet's Dream
Pet's Dream Universal

Pet's Dream ®  Universal – the natural plant fiber litter for all small animals

The brilliant all-round universal litter:

the perfect litter solution for pets and birds – above all when you have several different creatures needing to be looked after in the same household. 

e.g. for 

  • cats
  • hares
  • rabbits
  • hamsters 
  • chinchillas
  • ferrets
  • guinea pigs
  • many bird species

Ideal for daily cleaning purposes. 

Also useful as extra litter for damp spots, e.g. next to the animal's water supply etc. 

Obtainable in handy 7 liter bags. 

Convincing product benefits:  

  • high absorbency 
  • sustainable moisture retention
  • outstanding odour neutralisation
  • ecological: 100% pure plant fibre
  • compostable and 100% biologically degradable
  • drastically reduced waste
  • naturally pleasant smell – without any artificial additives
  • easier to carry

Pet's Dream Universal
Pet's Dream Classico

The top-quality natural fibre litter for your little friends

Pet's Dream Classico

PET'S Dream CLASSICO  has proved effective in practice  for many years  and  in thousands of different ways. 

The  de-dusted  soft wood chips result in a fluffy and hygienic nest. The natural wood chips are obtained from select indigenous fir and spruce trees. As supplied they are highly absorbent, neutralise odour and provide a pleasant environment in keeping with your animals' needs.  

Your little friends will thank you for it!  

  • Clean and without dust
  • Made from untreated fresh timber
  • Hygienic
  • Highly absorbent
  • Effective odour neutralisation
  • 100 % compostable
Pet's Dream Classico

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