JRS Petcare

Better for people, animals and the environment

Because we love animals, we want them to feel good all round

Like us humans, pets have very specific functional - but also emotional needs.
Often, they are still shaped by primal instincts that animals have not lost, even after thousands of years of domestication. This also applies equally well to the daily hygiene of small animals kept indoors or in cages. That is why we attach great importance to approaching the subject of animal hygiene as naturally as possible - always combined with a high demand for maximum performance and efficiency.

Through the consistent use of natural, plant-based raw materials and great performance through our JRS plant fibre technology, implemented with the most modern production processes, we offer the world of pet lovers innovative brand product lines with the highest quality and performance standards - without chemicals - for the benefit of humans, animals and the environment.

Multifaceted, animal-friendly product range for pets and farm animals

We supply the proverbial "basis" - the perfect hygienic bedding for every type of animal and husbandry system:

Cat's Best

No. 1 cat litter made from odour-binding active wood fibres


The comprehensive small animal programme for rodents, birds, exotics and farm animals

Dog's Best

The comfortable dog hygiene

Pets Dream

The quality recycled litter for rodents and cats

Private Label

As a private label system supplier, a strong market partner for the trade

JRS - Key technologies for all market needs

JRS plant fibre and cellulose technology stands for solutions with systems and safety around the globe. With its many functional possibilities in all conceivable fields of application, it enables highly efficient, innovative solutions that always follow the idea of ecological and economic sustainability.

Always close to the customer - the comprehensive consulting, logistics and service network occupies a unique position in the market with over 90 JRS-owned production and sales locations worldwide; regional raw material sources in the international group of companies stand for maximum efficiency, sustainability and security of supply within short distances.

In addition to the JRS PETCARE brands Cat's Best, CHIPSI, Dog's Best and Pet's Dream, we are also active as a private label system supplier for many big names in the trade. Our comprehensive technology and service network and the monitoring of all production steps through consistent quality management ensure the best availability and consistent quality and make JRS PETCARE a strategically strong market partner.

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