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In addition to industrial products, JRS offers contract manufacturing for the food and excipients sector. Find further information about JRS Contract Manufacturing in this flyer.


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Customer Benefits

  • flexible, economical partnership in contract manufacturing

  • security and trust

  • technological advantage

  • special tasks

  • risk minimization

  • technology transfer


For JRS plant fiber technology, JRS - which is known as one of the biggest manufacturer of fiber and pharmaceutical excipients worldwide - can rely on the latest EPT process technology with respective equipment and machinery.

In particular, the special grinding and granulating technology and mixing capacity are made available by JRS as a service partner to other areas of the industry as well. The JRS "Contract Manufacturing" division has successfully used these JRS production capacities for many decades as a special service offer for the food, feed and pharmaceutical sector, among others, in close cooperation with the customer.


Contract Manufacturing, Toll Production
Contract Manufacturing, Toll Production
Contract Manufacturing, Toll Production
Contract Manufacturing, Toll Production
Contract Manufacturing, Toll Production
Contract Manufacturing, Toll Production

JRS is constantly expanding its pool of equipment and machinery, also for customer-specific requirements.
That way JRS is ideal as enhancement to existing capacities for outsourcing specific manufacturing tasks or carrying out pilot projects


Our Services in Contract Manufacturing

  • Cryogenic grinding, contract mixing, sifting, press granulating, contract granulating, contract compacting, contract shredding, filling, ...
  • Kosher / halal / allergens - custom products
  • Special treatment requirements of the Japanese market, for example the removal of metal residue with residual metal detection, protective sieving, packaging etc.
  • Large mixed batches are possible
  • Specially set-up for mixed products with low bulk weight
  • Elevated hygiene standards - all systems can be washed
  • Manufacturing areas with access control on request
  • Different GMP mixing systems for food and pharamaceutical
  • Stainless steel mixer with bag/big bag filling - custom packaging on request
  • Warehouses with pest control
  • Pilot series
  • Development projects

Accompanying service

  • Process technology accompaniment and own JRS engineering
  • Quality control in own microbiology lab
  • Adaption quality systems using JRS-QA
  • Technical centre and application technology for joint product development
  • Worldwide logistics service
  • Proven network partner in international business
  • Confidential handling of sensitive information

Contract manufacturing with JRS

Questions? Information? Current projects?

Your contact person for the JRS Contract Manufacturing division, Mr. Martin Holl, would be happy to provide you with additional information.




Contract Service Production Steps

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