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Food raw materials
Food additives
Pharmaceutical auxiliary materials
Animal feed

are required in a high quality standard in all conceivable dosage forms,

e.g. mixes/compounds

Size reduction of feed/food products Improvement of dosage form through granulation



Biochemical products

are limited in stability and can cause allergies as a pulverized product. Enzymes, for example are often embedded in inert systems in order to increase dosing capability and to improve storage stability.




Adhesives are set optimally to the required functional properties and matched individually.




for diverse applications requiring many different supply forms such as pulverized plastics for textile coating or for the paint industry and pourable and dust-free, colored micro-granulates or compounds with organic fibers.



Plastic recycling

We are available as a contract service provider for plastic recycling. We return production residues, waste materials and pulps to the value chain and perform recycling to your specification.



Recycling of reusable materials

We return residues and recyclable materials to the production chain using our shredding and recycling systems. We will be happy to devise a suitable recovery and recycling concept for your needs in direct collaboration.



Thickening agents

must be precisely matched to the particle size distribution of the final formula to prevent de-mixing. Furthermore the solution can be safeguarded against clumping through agglomeration / granulation. It also increases the flowability with reduced dust formation during handling.



Detergent raw materials

are subject to constant changes in the delivery forms with regard to granulometry and bulk density. Not all raw material manufacturers are able to offer the right delivery forms for all requirements.



Fine chemicals

are used in the most diverse applications from the food industry to pharmaceuticals. Many different supply forms are needed for optimal utilization.



Chemical raw materials

often tend to cake. Compacting solves this problem and in addition, prevents dust emissions in irritating products.



Certified custom production
Kosher, Halal, Allergens

Custom batches for product pulp and raw materials under special certification.



... and many other applications...


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