More than 135 Years



Over 135 Years of JRS


1878   Acquisition of oil and corn mill, field Name 'im Holz' (Wood)  

1938   Start of the industrial wood fiber production.  

1949   Acquisition of the Heilbronn factory.  

1956   Beginning of the cellulose powder production.  

1967   JRS develops new cellulose granules.  

1975   Further refinement of cellulose powder.  

1977   JRS provides cellulose fibers as an environmentally-friendly
           alternative for the asbestos processing industry.   

1988   Production of fiber pellets for road construction in the
           Calenberg/Hanover plant.  

1992   Start of production of MCC products (microcrystalline cellulose) for
           the pharmaceutical industry at the Weissenborn site in Saxony.  

1993   Start of production and market introduction of wheat fiber.  

1994   The Lodenau site begins production of fiber pellets for road
           construction. The first JRS office opens in Hong Kong.

1997   Start of production of carboxymethyl starch (CMS) at the Pirna site.  

1998   Start of production at the JRS plant in USA schoolcraft.  

1999   Start of production of croscarmellose at the Pirna plant.  

2001   Start of oat fiber production at the Lodenau factory.  

2003   JRS Pharma established in Europe and USA, business expansion with further production sites in Finland and USA. Start of production of colloidal MCC at the Weissenborn site.  

2004   Capacity expansions for MCC production.  

2006   Another plant in Cedar Rapids, United States for food products.
           Joint venture between JRS Pharma/GMW, Gujarat Microwax
           Private Limited (GMPL, Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India).  

2009   Start of production of HPMC and MC work in Zacapu, Mexico.  

2010   Presentation of UFC (ultra-fine cellulose).
           Acquisition of the Dunacell plant in Hungary for grain corn products.
           Integration of ProJect Pharmaceutics GmbH, Biotech Services in
           JRS Pharma Business.  

2011   Start of production at the Ellwangen site.
           Celonic AG, Biotech Services joins the JRS Pharma Family 

2012   Completion of the Balakhna factory in Russia.  

2013   Rettenmaier Switzerland AG founded.
           Absorption Corp./ Healthy Pet, USA, became part of the

2014   Food Application Laboratory opened in Asia, USA.

2015   Integration Canadian Harvest Oat Fiber-Production
           JRS South Africa founded
           JRS Holzenergie Willburgstetten
           Rettenmaier SAE Malaysia

2016   JRS-plant Brenil, France
           Integration JRS Holzenergie HEW Ettenheim and Herbrechtingen

Jakob Rettenmaier 1854 - 1927
Jakob Rettenmaier 1854 - 1927
One of the first Lanz tractors in the Region.
One of the first Lanz tractors in the Region.
Josef Rettenmaier 1882-1974
Josef Rettenmaier 1882-1974
JRS site Rosenberg 2014zoom
JRS site Rosenberg 2014

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