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FIBER UP Your World! – JRS GB Food at the IFFA 2016

The JRS Business Unit Food specialises in ingredients for modern, healthy and technologically advanced foods: 

Dietary fiber concentrates, compounds and functional celluloses. 

At the IFFA 2016, the international trade fair for the meat industry in Frankfurt, the Business Unit will above all be presenting its fibre technology and custom formulation solutions for meats and meat substitutes. Visit us at Stand D05 in Hall 4. 

JRS will be presenting a number of application solutions from its VITACEL® range for direct sampling:

  • Vegan burgers: no meat – full flavour
  • Salami, meat loaf, burgers and curry sausage (DLG award winning): significantly fat-reduced and  fibre enriched 

The use of VITACEL® dietary fibers also adds valuable properties during production, which has a positive effect on texture and moistness. The form remains stable.   

Effects and function of fibres in meat products 

VITACEL® dietary fibers are made from the framework-forming structural elements of various plants. The base body is β -1,4-linked cellubiose, which, because of its steric molecular configuration, cannot be digested by humans. With a dietary fibre content of at least 96%, these fiber concentrates have a highly beneficial effect on the digestive tract and play a role in weight regulation. 

The long and flexible but insoluble character of VITACEL® dietary fibers is fundamental in allowing the fibers to embed themselves in the meat matrix and adapt themselves to the structure. Once there, they form a three-dimensional network that gives the final product its texture, bite and tactile mouth sensation. The cellulosic fibers consist of a complex fibrous structure, in which water is bound through the capillary effect and fat through structure-based effects. 

IFFA 2016



It is a hot topic in all media: At least since Mr. Obama, the American president, adopted the law end of 2015, it is on everyone´s lips: polyethylene in the daily life cosmetics is not only dangerous for the environment; it also is harmful for humans! 

At least since numerous detections of micro plastics in the human food cycle (e.g. in fish stomachs, honey and milk) have been made, cosmetic manufacturers are more and more under surveillance. 

Unfortunately, microplastics and microbeads are still to be found in our daily life cosmetics. The resulting damage upon environment and wildlife is a well-known fact. Due to their specific density, the beads do not sink down in the sludge but directly find their way into our rivers, lakes and oceans.

The Natural Alternative to Plastic Microbeads - by JRS

In December 2015 the law was officially adopted: Manufacturing of products containing plastic microbeads is prohibited from July 1, 2017 on. Introduction or delivery for introduction into interstate commerce is prohibited from July 1, 2018 on. (link auf Gesetzesentwurf) 

Day by day, the demand for a green alternative is getting stronger. The substitution for the PE beads is not only expected to be optically and haptically equivalent, but also should be moving in the same price range whereas being easy to process. With his range of Cellulose Scrubs offers JRS a perfect solution and THE alternative to plastic microbeads. 

With his range of Cellulose Scrubs offers JRS a perfect substitute and THE alternative to plastic microbeads. 

You can find further informations on the sites of our Business Unit Home& Personal Care

Direct comparison shows the advantages:

Michael Jung, der erfolgreichste deutsche Vielseitigkeitsreiter, exklusiv auf dem JRS-TierWohl-Stand
Die natürliche Alternative zu Mikroplastik
Die natürliche Alternative zu Mikroplastik

Acquisition of Sun Opta Fiber and Starch Business, USA

JRS acquired the Sun Opta’s Fiber and Starch Business in the US which will strengthen the JRS Group and his core business Natural Fibers through many more attractive services and products. Beside productivity growth JRS expects tremdous synergy effects also in many other areas. Customers of JRS benefit of the new range: in product portfolio,technology, application know how and extended service supply.


JRS Christmas-Donation 2014

Good deed as a gift for employees and customer
JRS Christmas Gifts 2014 for two aid Projects in Latinamerica

The ‘Espiritu Santo’ Polyclinic

For several years now we have been supporting Comboni Missionary Father José Schmidpeter with the construction of a new building for the polyclinic, which was able to open its doors this year.

The clinic offers life-saving medical treatment to the destitute. The new building has more space; more up-to-date equipment and better treatment facilities.

We are very pleased and proud that our active assistance has contributed to the realization of this project!

The ‘Espiritu Santo’ Polyclinic
The ‘Espiritu Santo’ Polyclinic


The PROFAVI educational charity

PROFAVI offers children, adolescents and families in Brazil help with schoolwork; handicrafts training; extra tuition in a range of languages and also meals.

The charity aims to assist people to secure their futures by providing them with a solid education and training. A further goal is to reinforce children’s and adolescents’ social awareness through group work.

This project is financed by selling the items made during the training courses and through donations.

The PROFAVI educational charity
The PROFAVI educational charity

Certified Energy Management System

By introducing the newly established certified energy management system JRS improves the power efficiency and at the same time CO2 emission.

Takeover of Zoosano animal bedding business, CH-Basadingen, by JRS

Takeover of Zoosano animal bedding business, CH-Basadingen, by JRS, J. RETTENMAIER&SÖHNE, Rosenberg (Germany) as of 01.01.2013.

Strengthened performance profile and improved access to resources in a reliable partnership with long-term commitment. In the course of a future-oriented, strategically optimised organization, JRS, J. Rettenmaier& Söhne GmbH+Co.KG with headquarters in 73494 Rosenberg, Germany, took over the bedding business (hay, straw, flax animal bedding, bark, hemp) of Zoosano AG / Erbo Group, CH 8254 Basadingen together with the production facilities at the beginning of 2013.

In future, the business unit Pet at Zoosano AG and Erbo AG will concentrate on feeding and new concepts for the specialized and retail trade. Zoosano AG/Erbo AG thanks its customers for the long, trusting partnership in the bedding sector and is pleased to have found the optimal, strong and serious future partner in JRS, J.Rettenmaier&Söhne GmbH+Co.KG.

The goal of the new JRS bedding concept is to strengthen the complete performance profile, improve access to resources and optimise production and logistics concepts which will benefit the customers in a trusting, long-term partnership. In future, the sales tasks for the bedding products will be handled by the business unit Animal Hygiene / Pet Care at JRS, J. Rettenmaier&Söhne in 73494 Rosenberg.

Contact partner is the Business Unit Manager Gerhard Auer and his team. Both companies request a trusting transfer of the business to JRS, making use of the strong basis of a long-term industrial partner with visionary thinking and major technological “green” know-how in the field of processing plant-based raw materials! As owner-manage family enterprise with worldwide more than 1800 employees at 23 production locations, the JRS-Group stands for safety, technological edge and solid, reliable partnerships.

With internationally oriented sales, logistics and procurement organisations JRS sees itself as long-term forward-thinking industrial and trade partner with a broad basis for efficiency, profitability, sustainable ecological concept and the resultant customer benefit.

Geschäftsbereich Tierhygiene/Pet Care
Holzmühle 1,
73494 Rosenberg (Germany)
Tel: ++49(0)7967/152-366, e-mail

INTRODUCTION ultra fine cellulose qualities

Actual, the product innovation ARBOCEL® UFC offers the smallest, industrial available solids from plant-derived raw material.
The Business Unit Innovation  provides you with further data and information.

VITACEL® Wheat Fiber awarded the ECARF Seal of Quality

VITACEL® Wheat Fiber awarded the ECARF Seal of Quality

The European Centre for Allergy Research Foundation (ECARF) has awarded VITACEL Wheat Fiber, a concentrated dietary fiber, the "Seal of Quality" for allergy-friendly products and services because its is gluten-free, phytin-free.


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