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Functional Additives From Renewable Resources

Applications in the Business Unit Chemistry:

Our fields of application are as diverse as chemistry itself. From the paper and plastics to the ceramics industry, we supply a wide variety of customers. We value individual consultation and want to approach new developments with you.

Together, we manage to bring renewable raw materials into "fossil" dominated industries and thus strengthen sustainability. In addition, our functional products increase the performance of your applications and the efficiency of your processes.

Talk to us so that we can better understand your concerns and discuss solutions tailored to your needs. We will bring the best of the JRS portfolio to you.

Cellulose - the biopolymer in pure form

› Bioplastics

Natural fibers and hydrocolloids for enhancing biobased polymer systems.

Wood and cellulose fibers for thermoplastics, elastomers and duroplastics

› Plastics

Lignocellulose and cellulose fibers for thermoplastics, elastomeres und duroplastic

Sustainability in the paper industry, e.g. raw materials, technology, networks, application know-how

› Paper and Board

Your solution provider when it comes to sustainability in the paper industry, e.g. raw material, technology, networking, application knowhow

Natural cellulose and wood fibers for the ceramic industry

› Ceramics

Natural cellulose and wood fibers for the ceramic industry.

Suspension additives for PVC production


Functional suspension agents for PVC production. 

Brake Pads

› Process fibers for brake pads

Sustainable process fibers for the improvement of product properties of brake pads. 


› Enzymes

Substrate and granulation agents for the production of enzymes.

Contract service for adhesive products

› Glues and Adhesives

Rheological additives for the functional improvement of glues and adhesives.

Wood-based material surfaces JRS fibers for decorative wood-based materials

› Wood material surface

Fibers for decorative wood material. 

› Download Brochures

› Download Brochures

› Blog

› Blog

Tailormade Services by Worldwide JRS Networking

Comprehensive Solution From One Source

We support you with:

  • Product development
  • Process optimization
  • Formulation adjustment 
  • Handling of our products (conveyor and dosage)
  • Quality and documentation management

and that worldwide through our own sales subsidiaries and specialist representatives.  

We are looking forward to your requirements!

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