Our Future is Green.

JRS Plant Fiber Technology for Sustainable Success.

Profitable operations must have a green focus.

Our green concept combines ecology with economics. This is essential if we want to ensure future generations to enjoy an intact, liveable world that offers everyone access to healthy nutrition and medicine and make industrial production more resource-saving and environment friendly. This goal motivates us every day. Our objective is to use JRS Plant Fiber Technology to improve all areas of modern life. Not overnight, but step by step. This is the meaning behind our slogan JRS – Fibers for Life.

We Keep the Natural Cycle Going

JRS fiber products are created from renewable natural materials. And because they are completely natural, they are also 100 % compostable and biodegradable. To avoid the waste generation we focus on sourcing resources from sustainable forestry and using them efficiently. This includes sustainable recycling of materials from secondary production flows.

natural cycle
natural cycle

JRS Transforms Natural Characteristics into Technical Functions.

Nature is always our role model. Every day we learn from it, focusing our research, development and production to make its wide ranging functional characteristics available to the industries as innovative additives and semi-finished products.

“Look deep into nature and then you will understand everything better.”
– Albert Einstein

Environmental Protection

Energy Saving

Material Saving

Replacement of Hazardous Materials

Recycling/ Circular Economy

Waste Reduction


Better Nutrition

Safety at Work

Our Growth is as Sustainable as our Raw Materials.

Whether cereal and fruit fibers, marine plants or wood and cellulose fibers, all JRS fiber products are created from renewable natural raw materials. When selecting these raw materials we always think about their impact on the environment and our climate, and this also continues later, when we process them.

We see ourselves and our products as part of the natural materials cycle. Therefore we focus on sustainable resource management. It is also our goal and the reason for our global, sustainable ecological and economic success. We consistently follow this path, day after day.

The natural process of cellulose formation.
The natural process of cellulose formation.

The Raw Material for Innovative Solutions.

From the Plant to the Function.

Cellulose is a biopolymer and the most abundant organic substance in nature. Although it is common, it is still special to us because it offers almost endless sustainable application possibilities and already binds large amounts of CO2 during its production.

We even go one step further, continuously optimising our process and plant engineering technology to reduce our energy consumption and make an important contribution to reducing CO2 emissions. Our certified energy management (EnMS) is proof of this.

JRS focuses on people.
JRS focuses on people.

JRS Focuses on People.

We want to use our sustainable JRS Plant Fiber Technology to improve modern life for everyone. We blaze a trail with courage, a spirit of inventiveness and a long-term, value-oriented mindset - for a greener planet and a better tomorrow.

Up to Date with Every Fiber.

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