Every fiber for a better world.
Every fiber for a better world.

Every Fiber for a Better World.

We use our JRS Plant Fiber Technology to make products more sustainable, healthier and better in various industries - making lives better.

JRS Grows Sustainably, Like our Raw Materials.

We are a manufacturer, problem solver and reliable system/ technology partner for a wide range of industries. As an owner-operated family company we have had strong roots in our region Southern Germany since 1878 and as a corporate group are now globally active, with around 4000 employees at over 90 locations worldwide. A spirit of inventiveness, courage and close customer relations has shaped what began as a classic oil and grain mill into global market and knowledge leader in the sustainable, functional Plant Fiber Technology segment.

Josef Otto Rettenmaier - CEO JRS
Josef Otto Rettenmaier - CEO JRS
JRS Headquarters Rosenberg
JRS Headquarters Rosenberg

With Tradition and Clear Values for a Future Worth Living.

We believe in a sustainable, better future and diligently contributing our part. For this reason we are always innovative with our JRS Plant Fiber Technology to make nutritional products healthier, pharmaceutical products more improved and industrial products more resource-friendly - for a tomorrow worth living.

That Makes us Uniquely Different.

Fibers from Nature.
Solutions from JRS.

Our high quality functional fiber products are created from natural, renewable raw materials such as cereal and fruit fibers, marine plants, wood and the cellulose derived from it. Our development, raw material selection and processing activities are all based on environmental friendly processes and every fiber every day is dedicated to make the world more sustainable.

Nature is the best inventor. All you have to do is look more intensly and know how to harness its natural functions. And that’s exactly what we do. We use the innovative JRS Plant Fiber Technology to get the best out of nature without damaging it. We transform the numerous functions of these valuable natural materials into holistic customised solutions for our customers around the world and in almost all areas of the industry.

The Right Solution for Every Challenge

Uniquely Diverse - JRS Plant Fiber Technology

Our JRS Plant Fiber Technology makes the natural functions of the plant world available to the industries. A versatile range of renewable raw materials are transformed into functional products made from cellulose, cereal and fruit fibers, algae or wood fibers. While working we are always focused on the ecological cycle. Because only if we work together to act sustainably today we can be successful tomorrow.

Unlike the textile fiber our fiber products consist of very short fibers which usually appear as to the bare eye. Generally the difference and the wide range of functions they perform are only visible under a microscope. Diversity is the common theme that drives our company and it is expressed most clearly in the many different fiber products we offer.

Our unique technological know-how, many years of production and application experience and global presence provide our customers with confidence and deliver collaborative solutions which are precisely tailored to the customer’s needs. So you gain a competitive advantage through our leading position in process technology.

We Write History
- Every Day.

Continuous progress and a healthy spirit of inventiveness have enabled us to develop from a traditional oil and grain mill into a globally active, owner-operated industrial corporate group. On this process we have achieved many milestones. The following is a short overview.

global JRS network
global JRS network

Our Network. Your Advantages.

Our global JRS network offers our customers reliable availability and perfect service in their location. Whether in application advice, product optimisation, logistics support or QA: qualified specialist consulting partners ensure direct contact, wherever you are in the world.

Up to Date with Every Fiber.

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