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Contract Manufacturing

Functional Added Value for Your Product!

Together with our customers, we develop solutions tailored to the most diverse challenges and applications. The tasks can be implemented individually and promptly in special plants with complete process development in their own machine building. 

Regardless of whether pilot projects, market support or special orders, as a systems and technology partner, we create added value with process engineering possibilities. JRS's processing capabilities include toll grinding, toll compaction, contract compaction, toll mixing and toll blending. 

Diverse Opportunities in Toll Manufacturing

Milling stages

› Milling


› Micronisation


› Pelletizing


› Mixing


› Coating


› Drying


› Granulation


› Sifting


› Filling


› Shredding

Implement Your Contract Service Projects With Us. 


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JRS offers Contract Manufacturing in diverse fields of application. The final product of the processing step can take many forms, depending on the customer requirements. Raw materials are processed into industrial pulps. In other cases, JRS manufactures final products packaged for shipment to downstream customers.

Life Science

Contract service for pharmaceutical excipients and compounds

› Pharmaceuticals

Contracted service for pharmaceutical aids and compounds

Contract service for food additives

› Food

Toll manufacturing for food additives and ingredients

Contract service for cosmetic and dental products

› Cosmetics

Contracted service for cosmetic and dental products

Technical Applications

Plastics, contract services for masterbatches and compounds

› Plastics

Contract Manufacturing for master batches and compounds


› Automotive

Contract Manufacturing for raw materials and preliminary products

Contract service for products of the washingdetergent raw material industry

› Detergent Raw Materials

Contract Manufacturing for products of the detergent raw-material sector

Products for emulsion paints and airless spraying

› Building Chemistry

Contract Manufacturing for building chemical additives

Contract service for adhesive products

› Adhesives

Contract Manufacturing for adhesive products

Contract service for manufacturers of chemical products

›  Chemistry

Contract Manufacturing for chemical product manufacturers

Contract service for products of the textile industry

› Textiles

Contract Manufacturing for products of the textile industry

Special applications- contract service for special and extraordinary products

› Special Applications

Contract Manufacturing for special and unusual products

Your Advantages with toll Production from JRS

JRS, THE systems and technology partner with modern system technology, high flexibility and broad practical experience provides toll production for special projects with diverse requirements.

Added value through specific product modifications

Added value using specific product modification

Fast Implementation

Fast implementation of your product developments

Suitable dosage form for individual needs

Suitable forms of delivery for individual requirement

Savings of own investment

Savings on your own investment


JRS Headquarters Rosenberg
JRS Headquarters Rosenberg
JRS Prozesstechnik Plant in Pattensen
JRS Prozesstechnik Plant in Pattensen
JRS Plant USA in Schoolcraft, Michigan
JRS Plant USA in Schoolcraft, Michigan

Service Partnership with Competence

Holistic Solutions for Individual Needs

As an all-round competent service partner, JRS offers a comprehensive range of services: from A for application consulting to Z for temporary storage of raw materials.

Service Partner JRS

Individual Product Development

Individual product development
  • In-house process development for specific solutions  
  • Provision of the initial sample quantities thanks to pilot systems 
  • Confidential handling of all sensitive information

Production with Strict Quality Management 

Production with strict quality management
  • Quality control in well-equipped test laboratories
  • Customized documentation
  • Separate quality jobs for the pharmaceutical, food and animal-feed industries

Reliable Logistics Management 

Reliable logistics management
  • Temporary warehousing with barcode administration
  • International network
  • Various packaging options

Versatile Packaging Options

Versatile packaging options
  • Flexibility in the acceptance of customer raw materials   
  • Versatile final packaging: solutions for high-grade products (keg or carton packaging) or for major customers   (Silo developments)

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