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FIBER UP Your World!

Innovative Recipe Ideas for Delicious Baked Goods, Meat Products, Dairy & Drinks and Many Other Application Fields

VITACEL®  Dietary Fibers    VIVAPUR® Functional Ingredients

Made from re-growing, natural plant raw materials.
Healthy. Tasty. Natural. Sustainable. Safe.
Natural apple and cereal fibers

The 2 Basic Pillars

The modular JRS Toolbox for modern, consumer-friendly foods is based on 2 basic elements:

VITACEL® Dietary Fibers

Cereal Fibers, Fruit Fibers, Vegetable Fibers, Fiber Compounds

Dietary fibers

Fiber enrichment for tasty food with high consumer acceptance

VIVAPUR® Functional Ingredients

MCG Colloidal Systems, Cellulose Derivates, Alginates, Pectins, Tara Gum & more

Functional Systems

e.g. texturing systems from vegetable raw materials

Our Claim: Solutions for the Needs of Today's Modern, Informed Consumers

JRS Products are made from re-growing materials and support modern food industries with a functional and modular Toolbox for innovative recipe ideas – assisted by the proven JRS Application and Technology Services.

Nutrition benefits, active dietary fiber enrichment, reduction of fat, sugar, calories, as well as vegetable and vegan products, healthy nutrition for the elderly, diabetics food, clean label, glutenfree, lactosefree, GMOfree or convenience food on the go – the modular JRS Toolbox is the ideal base to fulfill trends, needs and values of modern consumers.

The success of health-oriented foods on the market greatly depends on consumer acceptance. With their sensory and haptic properties, the wide portfolio of dietary fibers and functional ingredients offers optimal solutions for recipes that are tasty and successful.

The different product groups generate dietary values and follow functional needs – preferably in synergistic combination.

Natural JRS plant fibers for various applications
Natural plant fiber for a healthier diet

In Target Focus: Tasty, Consumer-Friendly, Modern Food

The complete JRS Product Range is based on re-growing plant raw material.

Customized solutions: The modular JRS food toolbox supports individual, customer-specific optimized recipes. Economical solutions for baked goods, meat, dairy & more.  

As the world's largest manufacturer of dietary fiber concentrates, JRS represents decades of expertise and know-how in production, raw material selection, application and technological service for the benefit of the international food industry.

A global manufacturing network of 21 specialized, food-certified production sites ensures the provision of highest-quality products, supplies, and customer proximity.   

The JRS Food Business Unit is a competence center for modern nutrition and stands for a consumer- and health-oriented, practical and economical implementation of the innovative JRS plant fiber technology within the globally active JRS family company group. 

Follow the Fiber People!

Innovative Recipe Ideas for Modern Nutrition

The JRS product toolbox allows us to support or represent many of the current trends in modern, consumer-oriented nutrition.   

Decades of Experience and specific expertise around our various fields of application form the basis of our know-how.  

Use the know-how of the market leader!   

Let our recipe ideas inspire and support you!  

As market leader in our Area we are a holistically thinking service provider. Next to our large product toolbox, we offer comprehensive service in formulation, application and consulting.

We are looking forward to your questions!



Vegan Products?

Breakfast To Go?

Fat Replacer?

Slimming Food?

Diabetic Diet?

Calorie Reduction?

Fiber Enrichment?

Important Factor for Nutri-Score!

The Unique JRS Toolbox  –

For Each Task an Individual Solution

› Products from the large JRS Toolbox

Innovative solutions from re-growing, plant raw materials for the modern, customer-oriented food industry.

Our 2 Basic Pillars: VITACEL® Dietary Fibers & VIVAPUR® Functional Ingredients

› Technical Services & Consulting

Pilot Plant, formulation support, test runs, customer consulting for a successful product and technology transfer.

Benefit from our extensive know-how and many years of application experience – FIBER UP Your World!


Your Tailormade Solution – for (Almost) Every Field of Application

Natural plant fibers for baked goods
» Bakery
Natural plant fibers for meat products
» Meat
Natural plant fibers for dairy products
» Dairy & Beverages
Natural plant fiber technologies for the food industry
» Other Applications

VIVAPUR BCS 200 - A turning point in the industrial production of gluten-free croissants

Brot und Backwaren

Traditional croissants are still very popular. High-quality, gluten-free croissants, on the other hand, are hard to come by.
With VIVAPUR BCS 200, a 10% mixture for producing gluten-free butter croissants, you can finally achieve the characteristic honeycomb structure with its corresponding volume. Thanks to the excellent machine handling of the gluten-free dough, it can be seamlessly integrated into industrial production.

Global JRS Production Network 

21 production sites certified for food products in Germany, the USA and Mexico, and new ones in Italy and France. Build with us on safety, reliability and trust.

Global service and support for customers in the field of natural plant fibers for food
JRS stock

Quality and Safety Right From the Start – German Engineering, JRS Production Philosophy and Unique Plant Technology

21 highly specialised and appropriately certified production facilities guarantee highest quality and efficiency. Based on German engineering and high quality production technology.

Providing secure, reliable coverage of worldwide demand. Security based on multiple options. JRS stands for security, reliability and a long-term investment and growth philosophy.

In accordance with our high quality standards, our production plants are certified, e.g. to ISO 9001, FSSC ISO 22000 and HACCP. Customer specific audits confirm the high level of the JRS quality system.

The basis of our products are renewable raw materials from assured, continually available sources. As a result, our logistic and procurement concept guarantees high standards in industrial quantities.

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