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European Asphalt Pavement Association (EAPA) honors Horst Erdlen for his services at its Symposium 2017 

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We have devoted ourselves to the research, development and processing of high-quality, organic fibers made from plant-based raw materials. In the process we make the many functions of these valuable natural substances usable for the industry. 

The asphalt industry has valued us as a competent, innovative and reliable partner for more than 30 years. VIATOP® – our product group for bitumen coated fiber pellets and fiber additive pellets – has set the standards for years for functionally reliable and high-quality functional additives for modern asphalt concepts. Innovative products, which provide other functional additives for a great variety of requirements besides fibers were developed in an intensive working relationship with asphalt experts around the globe in order to meet the constantly increasing requirements placed on demanding asphalt solutions.

Our four production sites are really nearby and offer you supply security!

JRS Plant Lodenau, Germany
JRS Plant Lodenau, Germany
JRS Plant Calenberg, Germany
JRS Plant Calenberg, Germany
JRS Plant UK
JRS Plant UK
JRS Plant Russia
JRS Plant Russia

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