Alginate, natural hydrocolloid from brown algae - Production of water insoluble, temperature stable gels




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A natural hydrocolloid extracted from brown algae with excellent rheological properties. 

Among other hydrocolloids, alginates differ in their capacity to react with calcium ions and other di- or trivalent ions. By this reaction the rheology changes and the state of aggregation changes  from liquid to solid. 

Therefore water insoluble, temperature stable gels and films can be produced. For example, foils with barrier properties or protective coatings which are suitable for the food industry can be prepared. 

The sudden conversion into a cut-resistant gel, to a frozen condition is also conceivable. This is used, for example, to shape ceramic spheres or to encapsulate active substances.  

The processing is carried out by immersion, spray or co-extrusion method as well as microencapsulation. 

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