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Fields of Application

JRS offers Contract Manufacturing in diverse fields of application. The final product of the processing step can take many forms, depending on the customer requirements. Raw materials are processed into industrial pulps. 

In other cases, JRS manufactures final products packaged for shipment to downstream customers.

Life Science

Contract service for pharmaceutical excipients and compounds

› Pharmaceuticals

Contracted service for pharmaceutical aids and compounds

Contract service for food additives

› Food

Toll manufacturing for food additives and ingredients

Contract service for pet food and additives

› Animal Feed

Contracted service for animal feed and additives

Contract service for cosmetic and dental products

› Cosmetics

Contracted service for cosmetic and dental products

Technical Applications

Plastics, contract services for masterbatches and compounds

› Plastics

Contract Manufacturing for master batches and compounds


› Automotive

Contract Manufacturing for raw materials and preliminary products

Contract service for products of the washingdetergent raw material industry

› Detergent Raw Materials

Contract Manufacturing for products of the detergent raw-material sector

Products for emulsion paints and airless spraying

› Building Chemistry

Contract Manufacturing for building chemical additives

Contract service for adhesive products

› Adhesives

Contract Manufacturing for adhesive products

Contract service for manufacturers of chemical products

› Chemistry

Contract Manufacturing for chemical product manufacturers

Contract service for products of the textile industry

› Textiles

Contract Manufacturing for products of the textile industry

Special applications- contract service for special and extraordinary products

› Special Applications

Contract Manufacturing for special and unusual products

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