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Contracted Services

Production Options at the Customer's Request

The core services include the modification of customer raw materials into finished products with functional added value. Along with the common mechanical process technologies, raw materials are modified by individual enhanced refinement options. 

At the customer's request, we offer the option of using special systems which are specifically set up to perform the contracted services. Among other things, our contractual services include toll grinding, toll compaction, toll mixing and toll blending.


› Product Modification

Product modifications for the creation of added value within the product properties and forms of delivery. Diverse further refinement options such as retarding and encapsulating are available for this.

Mechanical process technologies

› Mechanical Process Engineering

Diverse options for processing customer raw materials for different requirements and applications.

Possibility of special plant construction by means of the internal mechanical engineering for the implementation of contract production

› Special System Construction

At the customer's request, we offer the option of setting up special systems using our internal machine construction as part of the contracted service and using these systems to carry out the contracted production.

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