Contract Granulation, Contract Compaction


Powder or fiber mixtures must be converted for products to be free-flowing and easily dosed. The most effective process for this is contract granulating or compacting. Without the addition of foreign substances, only the recipe components are compressed between press rolls. Crushing and screening devices are used to convert granulates with any desired grain size and compaction level.

The procedure generally causes only a transient temperature increase of 20 - 30°C. We are also able to use special auxiliary equipment to process products which are very hydroscopic or temperature-sensitive.

Contract Granulation

Cylinder compactors, stainless steel

  • With integrated mixing and screening system plus air-conditioning
  • Transforms powder into dust-free compactates of any grain size

JRS, your service partner for contracted production, will make your coating project a reality. The application overview provides information on the JRS contracted services for your specific application.

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All rights reserved © 2019 J. RETTENMAIER & SÖHNE GmbH + Co KG

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