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Contract Manufacturing



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Contract Mixing, Contract Blending

Mixing, blending or homogenizing makes it possible to work more efficiently and uniformly in the downstream manufacturing processes. We provide large-scale mixers which can mix an entire batch or truckload. We also have many small and mid-sized systems.

JRS, your service partner for contracted production, will make your mixing and blending project a reality. The application overview provides information on the JRS contracted services for your specific application.

Mixing silo
Mixing Silos 60m3 / Stainless Steel
  • Homogenizing / mixing of complete truck loads with integrated protective sieving and metal separation.
Ploughshare mixer
Ploughshare Mixer / Stainless Steel
  • Contract mixing of the most diverse bulk materials
  • On request: injection of liquid ingredients, operating continuously or intermittently with cutter heads in 3/6 m³ design

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