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Contract Manufacturing



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Contract Milling, Contract Cryogenic Grinding

Precondition for many Processing Steps

We rely on a huge network of solutions for various applications for contracted crushing and grinding. We carry out plastic and cryogenic grinding/pulverization at the Calenberg site (near Hannover). Technical products, food and auxiliary pharmaceutical products are ground/ pulverized in turn at the Rosenberg site in Baden-Württemberg.

JRS, your service partner for contracted production, will make your milling project a reality. The application overview provides information on the JRS contracted services for your specific application.

Cutting mill
Cutting Mills
  • Pre-milling/ milling
  • Production of ground material as fibers or chunks
Roller mills
Roller Mills
  • Contracted milling of granulates to obtain free-flowing products with a low percentage of fine granulates

Classifying Mills
  • Ultrafine milling as machines without sieves with integrated wind sifters are particularly easy to clean
Hammer mill
Hammer Mills
  • Pre-crushing / final crushing of brittle and abrasive ground materials

Pin mills
Pin disk Mills
  • Fine milling, suitable for sticky products
  • If desired, the rotor and the stator can run in opposite directions or nitrogen can be added to increase brittleness

Cryogenic milling
Cryogenic Mills
  • Contracted milling of temperature-sensitive materials, particularly for tough/ rubber elastic materials
Milling stages
Milling Stages
  • Ultra-fine pulping suited for ground materials with abrasive properties

Impact mill
Impact Mills
  • Ultrafine milling for quick material discharge: solely for low thermal loading of the ground material

Universal Mills
  • Test milling and small quantities, exchangeable milling inserts enable high flexibility

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