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Product Modifications

Functional added value of customer products


Diverse forms of delivery can be provided by reason of the individual modification options of customer products. We produce and process powders, fibers, granulates and mixtures which we refine further depending on the task.


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Encapsulating, Powders

Encapsulating, Fibers

Encapsulating, Granulates

Encapsulating, Mixtures


Dying, Powders

Dying, Fibers

Dying, Granulates

Dying, Mixtures


Retarding, Powders

Retarding, Fibers

Retarding, Granulates

Retarding, Mixtures

Your individual requirements

Your individual requirements, Powders

Your individuale requirements, Fibers

Your individual requirements, Granulates

Your individual requirements, Mixtures


Our uniquely designed portfolios of mechanical process technologies make additional processing options possible.

We will be happy to assemble an individual solution package of processing options for you. Simply fill out our Contact form for this.

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All rights reserved © 2019 J. RETTENMAIER & SÖHNE GmbH + Co KG

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