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HPMC – The Well-Known Modified Cellulose in New Application Areas

You may know hydroxypropyl – fg methly-cellulose (HPMC) or methylcellulose (MC) form the PVC-Industry as a suspension agent, as binding agent in cementitious adhesives, as food additive or maybe as wallpaper paste. However, these well-known modified celluloses are capable of much more. Due to its thermoreversible gelling properties, it is attractive to tune ceramic processing as a binder and reducing stickiness to machinery in the kneading process thanks to gelation under the temperature increase. Contact us to also learn more about our bio-based binders for ceramic additive manufacturing, i.e. 3D printing.

Alternative to Fossil-Based Rheology Agents

For example, in recent months, JRS in-house technical and R&D center tested to replace a fossil-based rheology agent for acrylic adhesives with bio-based additives. We saw that a mixture of HPMC and another JRS additive performed best. Outperforming the fossil-based rheology in important parameters. The tack of HPMC and MC can also be beneficial.

Alternative to Fossil
Alternative to Fossil

HPMC - The Allrounder

Our HPMC is produced in a high quality plant in Mexico, also able to produce pharmaceutical grades. The specialty of the plant also lays in low viscosity grades, which allow for a high solid content in coatings or viscosity fine-tuning. Nonetheless, high viscosity grades are available across different degrees of methylation. Did I mention that HPMC is a good film former and can be used to obtain transparent films? Or that it is tolerant towards higher salt concentration? We are sure that HPMC has a lot of potential in replacing fossil-based materials in different products, contact us to find a solution together with our experts!

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