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Paper and Board

Effective Solutions for the Paper and Board Industry

With our paper laboratory, we support you in all questions concerning functionality, application, formulation and product development. At the same time, we are available as a partner for process engineering tasks. For example, we advise and support you in questions concerning dosing and conveying technology and offer efficient, practical solutions with our partner networks.

ARBOCEL® - Functional Process Fibers and Pulp

Your advantages with  ARBOCEL®:

  • Cost reduction by saving energy and raw materials
  • Better drainage
  • Increase in machine speed / productivity increase
  • Increase in thickness or specific volume
  • Improvement of the formation and the cross profile

Effective solutions for the paper and board industry, functional process fibers and pulps

Straw Pulps

Our straw pulps based on wheat straw are the sustainable  alternative to conventional wood pulp, therefore increases in strength are possible. 

Available as bleached (TCF) and unbleached.

Wheat fiber
Wheat fiber


The Innovation in the fine cellulose sector:

The enormous cost pressure and the existing high quality demands on coated papers have prompted us to develop a novel coating additive based on ultra-fine cellulose.

Your advantages when using ARBOCEL® UFC in the coating formulation:

  • Savings in binder and co-binder due to reduced penetration of the coating color into the base paper 
  • Reduction of drying costs due to higher solids content
  • Better Coating Holdout
  • Optimized printability


Our plant based hydrocolloids can be used as bio-based film formers and coating additives with barrier properties.

Product Porfolio:

  • Hydroxypropyl methylcellulose (HPMC as Tylose alternative)
  • Alginates
  • Microcristalline cellulose gels (MCG)
  • Pectins

Effective solutions for the paper and board industry, functional process fibers and pulps
ARBOCEL® PLUS - Fiber-bound paper additives

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