Fibers Modify

Plastics, Thermoplastics and Duroplastics



JRS wood fibres serve as a high quality, functional filler in classic WPC (wood like plastic / wood plastic composites) applications such as patio planks; facade elements and fences with filling degrees of up to 80%. They also make it possible to maintain a consistently high quality and processing reliability.  

JRS wood and cellulose fibres are also used in new, modern plastic systems for a wide range of applications. From pencils to furniture decors; from flooring to skirting boards - today's combinations of functional, renewable raw materials with high performance polymers offer infinite possibilities - by means of extrusion, injection moulding or roto-moulding processes.  

ARBOCEL® and LIGNOCEL® fibers make it possible for the automotive industry to produce low-weight components. This reduces fuel consumption, thus making an active contribution towards saving valuable resources.



In duroplastic systems based on melamin or phenol resins JRS wood and cellulose fibers are used for control of the product properties.


Elastomere (Rubbers)

In elastomere systems JRS wood and cellulose fibers are used for the regulation of product properties. Fiber reinforcement, increasing shore hardness, improved stiffness and weight reduction are some of the function which can be influenced with JRS fibers.

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