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Industrial Products Are Modified by JRS Fibers

Fibers for construction chemical products

› Construction Chemistry

Fibers for construction chemical products

Better breathability, improved haptics, rheology aid for PU leather

› PU-Leather

With ARBOCEL® leather-like properties, a beautiful smooth surface and optimized manufacturing costs are achieved.

ARBOCEL® fibers for the coating of high-quality welding electrodes

› Welding Electrodes

ARBOCEL® fibers for the sheathing of high-quality welding electrodes

ARBOCEL for bituminous systems

› Bituminous

ARBOCEL® for bituminous systems

Products for emulsion paints and airless spraying

› Paints

For emulsion paints and airless spraying

Reduction of density, improvement of dewatering of refractory mass

› Refractory compounds

ARBOCEL® for refractory compounds

ARBOCEL Resin Bonded Systems

Resin-bonded systems

ARBOCEL® for resin-bound systems

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