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Elastomer Modified Asphalt Concrete

AC plus FEP 

AC for surface layers is used as a standard for roads with lower traffic volumes. These layers have their limits. The fact that the traffic volumes are increasing year by year leads to the increasing use of more modified binders in AC mixes.

 AC plus FEP – flexible, durable, economic, process reliable – modified with VIATOP® plus FEP is one more way to achieve better performance of AC surfaces providing good skid resistance, improved anti-rutting resistance and less tendency to crack. 

For all load classes smaller than Bk10, AC plus FEP is a durable and, above all, process-safe construction method and thus an economical alternative to other modifications for asphalt concrete.

  • Innovative 
  • Economic
  • Environmentally friendly

AC plus FEP – trend setting – sustainability included.

AC plus FEP - Elastomer-additivated asphalt concrete

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