Stone Mastic Asphalt Binder Courses


Increasing heavy duty traffic, higher axle loads and much more stop-and-go traffic − the need for high performance technologies is obvious. The highest shear stresses originate in the asphalt binder course and therefore an alternative concept has been developed and tested for several years:


A high performance asphalt binder course mix, based on the SMA concept − with all SMA advantages now for binder courses. SMA B C offers outstanding anti-rutting characteristics and can be combined with any asphalt surface. SMA B C − the concept for the future.

  • versatile
  • durable
  • sustainable
  • economic

The use of reclaimed asphalt, process reliability, easy compaction, no segregation and the possibility to use SMA B C temporarily as a surface layer are additional features.

SMA B C − the only way to long life pavements – sustainability included.

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All rights reserved    © 2018 J. RETTENMAIER & SÖHNE GmbH + Co KG

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