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Warm Mix Asphalt


The VIATOP® plus WMA product range with its three product grades offers solutions for all types of asphalt mixes.

VIATOP® plus WMA - Additive for Warm Mix Asphalt   

The VIATOP® plus WMA product group with its three product types offers solutions for all types of asphalt mixes. Warm Mix Additives for Warm Mix Asphalt. Easy dosing, safe handling, reliable dissolution, excellent performance, economical, energy-efficient, lower emissions - GREEN! The use of Warm Mix Asphalt produced with VIATOP® plus WMA is advantageous in many ways.

less energy consumption and lower emissions 

Asphalt Workers:
reduced exposure to fumes and odors in combination with a less hot working environment

enhanced workability, extended paving season, earlier opening of construction sites 

Economical Issues:
fuel savings for the asphalt industry as well as for the public due to shorter constructions times resp. less jams 

Viatop plus c 25, The pellet with the plus an installation aid
Viatop plus ct 40, The pellet with the plus on temperature reduction
VIATOP plus CT 80-AC

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