ARBOCEL® raw fiber concentrates for all poultry species

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Crude Fiber Concentrates for Poultry Nutrition

ARBOCEL® Caused a Significant Improvement in live Weight Poultry

The innovative crude fiber concentrate from JRS carries some unique characteristics:

  • very high water holding capacity
  • stimulating the growth of the villi
  • building a fiber Network in the digesta
  • not degradable in the intestinal tract
  • binding and releasing water (acts like a sponge)

These characteristics cause some beneficial efffects:

  • improved protein and fat digestibility
  • significantly improved performance (weight gain, feed conversion ratio, carcass yield)
  • better litter quality (reduced proliferation of bacteria, reduced incidence of pododermatitis, reduced breast blisters, less dirty eggs)
  • increased gizzard size, improved starch digestibility, reduced feather pecking
  • improved mineralization of the bone (better bone stability)

Application Instructions

We recommend ARBOCEL® for all types of poultry with 0.6 - 08 % application rate.


ARBOCEL® R: sacks with 20 kg each, pallets of 600 kg or 720 kg  

ARBOCEL® RC: sacks with 20 kg each, pallets of 480 kg or 1020 kg; alternatively in Big Bags of 500 kg or 1000 kg 

ARBOCEL® RC FINE: sacks with 20 kg each, pallets of 480 kg; alternatively in Big Bags of 500 kg or 1000 kg

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