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Naturally Effective in Rearing Calves

A profitable rearing of calves makes highest demands on housing and feeding conditions. Additionally to health maintenance, the focus should be on a rapid development of the forestomach system. Early feed intake and rumen development are needed requirements for a successful calf rearing and favour best performances at the beginning of rearing, which in turn is the cornerstone for high live performance.

Scientific and practical Trials reveal measurable positive effects of VITACEL® on the development of calves during rearing.

  • Higher daily weight gain
  • Early intake of higher amounts of roughage
  • Stable and robust digestion, therefore improved faeces consistency
  • More efficient and vital calves due to supported health maintenance of gastro intestinal tract
  • Reduction of digestive disorders, therefore less treatment and medical costs
  • Economic and Safe Calf Rearing

VITACEL® Application and Dosage Recommendation


Add VITACEL® right after colostrum feeding, the sooner the better! Suitable for all feeding Systems:

  • in milk replacer or whole milk feeding
  • automatic feeding via automatic dispenser
  • bucket feeding, added and mixed by hand

Please also ask about the use of ARBOCEL® in solid feed for calves!

The very fine fiber structure of VITACEL® disintegrates in all liquid feeds, including electrolyte solutions and special liquid meals. VITACEL® is suitable for long-term applications and supports other health products!

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