Räuchergold® HACCP zertifiziert
Räuchergold® HACCP certified

The Master of Smoke presents:

The RÄUCHERGOLD® Engineering System

RÄUCHERGOLD® smoking products are based on the sophisticated RÄUCHERGOLD® Engineering System (RGE), which takes into account the entire smoking system. 

As a system and technology partner of modern meat processing, JRS has intensively worked out the specific technological, economic and legal requirements over many years. RÄUCHERGOLD® Engineering bundles the diverse requirements in the system product range of high-quality, economical smoking agents for all applications.

RÄUCHERGOLD®  Engineering System

Taking the entire smoking system into account

Perfect smoking results

Perfect smoking results

Consistently best smoking quality

  • Bark and dust free
  • Uniform particle sizes
  • Optimal moisture 
  • Very smoke active
RÄUCHERGOLD® safety improving processes

Process optimization

Ensuring the highest production standards

  • Shorter smoking times
  • Higher production capacities
  • Less tarring
  • Reduced downtime due to cleaning

Cost reduction

Efficient production

  • Reduced weight loss in the end product
  • Reduced cleaning costs

Food safety


  • Certified quality
  • Pollutant monitoring
  • Closed manufacturing process
  • Continuous monitoring and analyses
  • Batch system for traceability

Natural & Sustainable

RÄUCHERGOLD® Natural Smoking Technology

  • 100% natural origin
  • Selected, fresh untreated woods
  • From local, sustainable forestry
  • Short transport routes from raw material to processing

Discover the product worlds of RÄUCHERGOLD®

RÄUCHERGOLD® Premium Räucherspäne

Premium Smoking Chips

RÄUCHERGOLD® brings variety to all professional smokers and to the smokers of ambitious smoking professionals.

RÄUCHERGOLD® Premium Reibehölzer

Premium Quality Friction Logs

Almost free of branches, gentle dry, planed, no mold, optimized for safe operating processes on state of the art systems for industrial use. The original with batch number and JRS imprint.

RÄUCHERGOLD®  Master of Smoke

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