"Cherry Time!" for Smoking and Barbecue
"Cherry Time!" for Smoking and Barbecue

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"Cherry Time!" for Smoking and Barbecue

With summer fast approaching, RÄUCHERGOLD® brings a new variety to all professional and amateur smokers alike, introducing "Cherry" as the latest recommendation from the "MASTER of SMOKE" portfolio. Boasting a mild, fruity smoke aroma, "Cherry" delivers new possibilities, whilst offering the perfect smoke accompaniment for different meats, such as chicken, pork, or lamb, plus fish and even vegetables.

100% natural smoke of wild cherry wood

"Traditional Smoking" means 100% natural smoke. RÄUCHERGOLD® cherry is no exception. Obtained from selected wild cherry wood, grown in sustainable, PEFC-certified forests. Already during smoking, it exudes the unmistakable, sweet-fresh scent of the noble fruit tree.

Safety of the known premium product quality

RÄUCHERGOLD® proven engineering, guarantees smooth plant operation and full food safety. The exclusive use of natural raw materials in our purely mechanical and thermal production process, meet the strict RÄUCHERGOLD® purity requirements and no chemicals or artificial additives are ever present at any time in production.

The fresh, untreated wood is processed without any loss of aroma and is perfectly fractionated to enable optimum smoke production, suitable for just-in-time, state-of-the-art smoking facilities. The HACCP certification of RÄUCHERGOLD® smoking chips ensures full compliance with all food standards during the entire smoking process.

RÄUCHERGOLD® cherry wood products are the perfect addition to the extensive RÄUCHERGOLD® portfolio of beech, alder, oak and spruce.


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