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In times of constantly increasing cost pressure and growing environmental awareness, the high-quality reuse of surfacing asphalt is an ideal way to combine these two aspects without compromising the quality and thus the durability of asphalt pavements. JRS has created a solution for this challenge:

VIATOP® plus RC - A highly effective combination product of cellulose fiber and rejuvenator for increased addition of surfacing asphalt in all types of mix.

The “plus” of Sustainably Effective Rejuvenators

+  Effective, even after repeated aging, over the whole service temperature range and entire service life

+  Does not lead to accelerated aging of the binder in any way

+  A green product by nature

+  Non water-polluting

+  Conserves natural resources


VIATOP® plus RC at a Glance

  • Sustainably effective rejuvenation of aged binders
  • A green product made of natural raw materials
  • Non water-polluting
  • High efficiency
  • Higher addition rates of reclaimed asphalt mixes possible
  • Reduces costs
  • Conserves natural resources
  • Use dosage system for fiber pellets

Function of a Rejuvenator

  • Reduction of the overall viscosity and at the same time restoring the viscoelastic properties of the aged bitumen
  • At least partially restores the physical and rheological properties of the aged binder
  • Enables increased quantities of RAP without any negative effects to the properties and service life of the new asphalt layer
  • Activates the aged binder and not just softens or plasticizes it
  • Reduced cracking and improved resistance to permanent deformation
  • Improved relaxation, ductility, cohesive and adhesive properties of the aged binder
Viatop plus RC
Viatop plus RC
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