Cellulose - the biopolymer in pure form




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Functional and Natural Fibers for Innovative Biopolymers

Augmenting Plastics Sustainability

The market for single use products and packaging is seeking for more sustainable alternatives to traditional plastics. Suitable materials are bioplastics and plant-based fiber products.
JRS offers a broad portfolio of natural fibers and functional additives as well as various hydrocolloids. They improve mechanical properties and thermal stability of bioplastics or barrier-properties of paper-based packaging.  
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Cellulose – the biopolymer itself

JRS transforms plant-fibers into highly functional raw materials and organic additives. This processing expertise combined with application know-how and industry networks, makes JRS to your perfect development partner.

Application examples are

  • Biodegradable single use packaging
  • Food packaging 
  • Sustainable cosmetics packaging 
  • Agricultural films 
  • Consumer goods
  • Green Coatings
ARBOCEL® cellulose fibers for bioplastics

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