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Applications Filtration

JRS Cellulose Filter Aids in Precoat Filtrations

The variety of JRS products especially developed for precoat filtration guarantees an effective and economical solution for practically every filtration and solid liquid seperation job.

Satisfied customers all over the world today use JRS filter aids in the following areas: 

  • Chemical and pharmaceutical industry
  • Food and edible oil industry
  • Beverages, fruit juices and liquors
  • Metal-processing industry
  • Waste water technology and sludge treatment

Application Areas for Cellulose Filter aids

No Restrictions

JRS organic filter aids can be used in all conventional precoat filter systems without a problem. The variety of JRS products especially developed for this application area guarantees an effective and economical solution for practically every filtration job.

High cost Effectiveness 

In general, organic filter aids are especially suitable as efficient, economical and environmentally-friendly alternatives to diatomaceous earth and perlite.

All Purpose

JRS products can be used up to a 100% as basic precoating and/or long-term dosing-completely analogue to diatomaceous earth or perlite.

Unbeatable even in Mixes

In certain cases, mixtures of organic and mineral components are advantageous and advisable.

Safe and Reliable

Organic filter aids form highly porous filter cakes with numerous voids and very fine canals. They securely hold fibrils and particles back and guarantee the user high throughput rates combined with long filter lifetimes.

Especially under Pressure

Due to their flexible, pressure-elastic and structure-lending properties, organic filter aids are also preferred for use as compressing and dewatering aids. The highly effective drainage action of organic fibers lead to measurably higher throughputs and product yields (filtrate), shorter pressing cycles and higher dry substance contents in cakes. At the same time, the fibers reliably prevent the smearing of the cloth and, as a result, make subsequent cleaning of the filter element much easier.

Customer-Specific Services in the Global JRS Network

Added Value Through Tailored Customer Projects

  • system and technology partner of the industry
  • competent application advice        
  • global logistics support
  • Support in questions of dosing and conveying technology
  • Support in process optimization
  • Quality and documentation management
  • Partner for new application developments

Use the JRS technology advantage for your competitive advantage!

Intelligent solutions for precoat filtration

As a systems and technology partner, we can create several solution packages customised to the tasks of our clients

Often, certain environmental conditions in the manufacturing processes require individual adjustments to raw materials or fiber textures. With support in the plant integration of dosing and conveying equipment, we are available to you as your contact partner.

With our special application and functional expertise and decades of technology experience, we will always find the right solution for you. Be it in the area of application adaptation, developing completely new approaches, supporting system technology or clarifying issues in services or logistics.

JRS stands for maximum quality in production, technology and service. We offer all relevant interfaces in documentation, organization and communication.

Our representatives are available to you ‘on-site’ anywhere in the world – integrated into our JRS network with R&D, application centers, process engineering, quality assurance, logistics system, etc .

We look forward to your tasks!

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